Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finding love in Los Angeles

The city of Angels is an amazing city to live in.you will find people over here in a cheerful mood all year long. Perhaps the biggest reason for them to be so happy is a vast abundance of sunlight. However, the party starts in the town when the sun sets down and singles come out to play. There are various options to find singles in Los Angeles. My favorite spot to find singles is the boardwalk around the beach. As you might know, Los Angeles has a couple of beach cities, primarily Santa Monica and Venice. Especially during summertime, Santa Monica holds a Thursday evening concert. The music at the concert ranges all the way from swing music to salsa dance. The events brings out groups of singles in large numbers. Such groups often hangout dancing to the music on the pier or drinking some wine on the beach. It is not surprising to see as many as 5000 people hanging out at a Thursday night concert in Santa Monica. This concert is perhaps the best option to find single men and women in Los Angeles. It is socially acceptable to walk up to a single girl and ask her a dance.

The thing to keep in mind while approaching strangers is that you should come across as confident and harmless person. Keeping your hands out-of-pocket and having a confident, calm look on your face would help too. After all, body language is the most important aspect of your communication in striking a conversation with a stranger. If you're one of the people with two left feet and are not a good dancer, you should invest in dancing lessons. There are many dance schools in Los Angeles where you can improve your dancing skills. Los Angeles being so close to Mexico, it also helps if you know Spanish as been you can approach and talk fluently with Mexican girls. After a couple of dances, you should feel in a comfortable to ask her out on a date. The boardwalk around the beach in Los Angeles has numerous options for evening dates as well. It is quite common to see a lot of singles in Los Angeles hanging around the beach on weekends. Do remember that Santa Monica pier concerts run from July to September every Thursday night.

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